Car Aircon Regas & Repairs

Car Aircon Regas & RepairsTo keep your vehicle comfortable throughout the year, you need a properly functioning air conditioner. Although a regular service checks various faults associated with the system for air conditioning, it is advisable to conduct a detailed air conditioning service to ensure you drive at the temperatures you desire. Regular service checks issues like tension from the drive belt, refrigerant leaks that could be visible and faulty or lose compressor. Call us for aircon regas & repairs if you are in Pakenham, Officer, Beaconsfield, Nar Nar Goongh & nearby suburbs.

Aircon Ragas

Air-con regassing refers to the process where the old refrigerant gas is removed from the air conditioning system, and it is replaced with new refrigerant hence making your air conditioner run cold once again. It should be noted that the effects of refrigerant gas to the atmosphere are devastating. When the gas is irresponsibly emitted to the atmosphere, it contributes to a large extent the effect of global warming. It is a requirement by law in most countries for the gas to be recycled to avoid the damages it can cause.

Aircon repairs and services

You cannot afford to melt in your car just because your car air conditioner is not functioning properly. At Singh’s Tyre and Auto Center, you will get all the services you need at an affordable price. Aircon repairs and services include the following.

  •  Pulleys and drive belts inspection
  •  Checking of thermostats and valves operation
  •  Hoses and components inspection
  •  System evacuation and refrigerant recover
  •  Refrigerant oil is added to the required level
  •  Checking the condenser temperatures
  •  An electronic leak detector is used to test system lines and components
  •  Vent temperature is determined by running the vehicle
  •  Reading the temperatures of the sanction line

Prolonging the duration of aircon repairs and services for your car is not only uncomfortable due to unwanted temperatures but is even worse due to the nasty smells that come from vents. This smell is as a result of bacterial build-up and can cause health challenges. It is therefore important to service your car on a regular basis for your good.