Best Tyre Brands And What To Consider Before Buying Them

With technological advancement and many automotive trends, the need of fuel-efficient and safest tyres are in high demand. Tyres being the main component of any vehicle, demand a lot of expertise in deciding which tyre and tyre brand would suit your ride. With the introduction of many new names and other established contenders in the market, the tyre industry is booming with tyre brands and buyers. As our experts speak, Singh’s Tyre And Auto Centre highlights the best car tyre brands available in the market for you.

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PIRELLI: This Italian brand has a vast range of tyres to suit vast range of weather conditions and functionality. It is highly renowned in the list of top 3 European tyre makers, Pirelli is highly competitive to Continental and Michelin. With an expensive price tag for a competitive performance, the Pirelli tyres are designed to suit every preference and need.

CONTINENTAL: With well know tyres under the brand name, Viking, Barum Uniroyal and more, the Continental has an excellent reputation in the industry. With highly acclaimed performance in dry grip, as well as wet grip, these tyres are for the driver’s who love to fall in love with the combination of handling and wear while on the road.

MICHELIN: This tyre brand holds the top position when it comes to sales. They are available worldwide through BF Goodrich and Riken, the Michelin is known for marvelous handling-grip combination. If you are looking for highly remarkable efficiency for a great price, Michelin tyres can be your first choice.

GOODYEAR : This is world’s largest tyre manufacturer, and owns the most famous Dunlop brand along with other mid-economy and mid-range tyre ranges. With a wide range of choices in wet and dry grip, these tyres are for drivers who want consistent performance, specialised dry grip, great handling and slow wear on the road.

BRIDGESTONE: Being the top international tyre manufacturer, Bridgestone provides highly competitive dry grip tyres, available widely with the regional dealers. Apart from the dry grip, the brand also provides good wet grip for moisture-prone roads. So, if you are looking for a brand that provides the best in quality, functionality and excelling performance even at speeds above 150 km/hour – Bridgestone is the tyre brand for you.

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