Brakes and Clutch Repairs

Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre specialises in the areas of clutch and brake repairs. Our auto technicians are well trained and experienced in every aspect of Brakes and clutch repairs, regardless of your car’s build, manufacturer and age.

With the aging of vehicle, if not serviced, the brake and clutch system torn out and stops working eventually. Thus servicing your car’s clutch and brake from time to time is important.

Every vehicle depending upon the build and type needs servicing of Clutch and Brakes Assembly to work smoothly. If the car service is not carried out timely, this may lead to a breakdown. The breakdown will set you back by cost almost 4-5 times of original repairing.

At Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre, our specialist will inspect you clutch and brake for consistency. Inconsistency, if found any, will be brought to your notice. Once you agreed with the estimated repair cost, the required repair or replacements will be taken care of.