Brakes and Clutch Repairs

Give Your Car a Lease of Life with Car Clutch and Brake Service!  

Clutch and brake are the crucial part of any vehicle. Any inconsistencies in its function can result in a mishap. And so, it is essential that you get your car serviced regularly to ensure your brake and clutch system works flawlessly.

Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre is a modern and well-equipped garage in Pakenham specialising in car brake repair in Melbourne.

Our team of highly trained mechanics are adept at various aspects of car brake and clutch repair.

Are you experiencing problems with the clutch and brake? – Don’t take a chance! Bring your car to our hi-tech garage in Pakenham. Apart from fixing the clutch problem, we also provide car brake repair service in Pakenham.  

Our expert auto technicians are well trained and experienced in every aspect of brakes and provide at par services regardless of your car’s build, model, manufacturer or age.

Every car irrespective of its build or model needs regular servicing of clutch and brakes to ensure it runs smoothly. At Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre, our specialists will inspect the clutch and brake system of your car for its consistency.

Our technicians are quite adept at fixing the most complex clutch issue that includes frozen and unresponsive clutches, vibrating clutch pad, and fixing broken clutch wires.

We follow a stringent testing regime to ensure there are inconsistencies in the brake and clutch system post repair.  Our technicians understand your car brakes very well. We test brakes under different conditions, post repair to ensure there are no problems arise after the delivery.

Give us a call on  (03) 9544 8854 or visit our garage in Pakenham for a quick service.