Car Battery Replacement & Service: Make The Right Choice

Batteries were very simple in the past – visiting the local mechanic, evaluating various options, taking the recommendation from the mechanic, choosing the best battery price and getting the best value for the old battery. The deal on the battery largely depended on the negotiation skills of the buyer. On the contrary to the current scenario, the process posed a lot of inconveniences and took a lot of time – especially when the battery had run out on the road.

In the present time, waiting for the car to stop on the road due to issues with the battery would be a bad decision. A dead battery can cause a great hassle, especially when the driver has to wait for roadside assistance. According to the experts at Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre, car battery needs to be replaced every three to four years for private cars depending upon the usage and every 6-12 months for taxis and other commercial vehicles. Due to extended usage and depending on the vehicle’s condition – the batteries can either wear out due to repeated charging/discharge or get old.

Singh’s Auto Centre provides the most trusted car battery service & replacement in Melbourne. We are leading experts in car batteries, with a team of highly experienced professional who can inspect, evaluate and give the best solutions to battery-related issues. Our mechanics ensure that your vehicle’s back on the road in no time.

Battery Replacement and Service

Tips On Battery Usage And Replacements Services :

  • Schedule the battery maintenance on time
  • Get the battery load tested, especially after 2 years of usage
  • Buy a replacement battery according to the manufacturer’s guide
  • Choose the battery according to the vehicle usage and climate in general
  • Choose batteries with the longest free replacement period
  • Choose the best car battery replacement & service – Book an appointment with Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre

At Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre, we ensure that your vehicle never breaks down or causes inconvenience due to the battery. We also specialise in other car services & repairs across Melbourne. Cheap Car Services – Cheap Car Tyres – Car Advise – Equipped Workshop

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