Car Brake & Clutch Repair in Clayton, Melbourne

Clutch and brake are important part of a car; any inconsistencies in their function can lead to a mishap. Therefore, the car brake and clutch repair should be conducted at a regular interval. Being one of the best car brake repair centre in Clayton, Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre has a modern garage in Clayton that is capable of fixing any clutches or brakes problem. Our team of talented mechanics are well versed to most aspects of car brake and clutch repair. We know any problem in any of the two has the potential to take someone’s life. Any delay in braking in time of an emergency can lead to a fatality. We understand that and try to return your vehicle after car brakes repair in Melbourne in the best brake and clutch condition.

Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre in their 09 years of car brake repair in Melbourne have repaired countless cars in Melbourne. Car brake and clutch repair is one of their areas of expertise. Their technicians are quite capable of fixing the most stubborn clutch issue including frozen clutches, unresponsive clutches, vibration in clutch pad, and fixing clutch broken clutch wires. We have a very strict testing regime to test clutches for inconsistencies post repair.

We understand car brakes very well too. Post repair we test those brakes in variety of condition to ensure you don’t get any brakes problems after the delivery. When you give your car to us for repair, we want you to relax in the meanwhile and take the car home as soon as repaired. We want to assure you that your car is in safe hands.

Give us a call on (03) 9544 8854 or 0433196076 or visit our garage in Clayton for a quick service.