Car Service BerwickIf you are in need of professional car service in Berwick, look no further than Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre. Our car mechanic team offers high quality car repairs and maintenance services to the vehicle owners across Berwick and the surrounding suburbs at competitive prices.

Our Range Of Services Includes:

Roadworthy Certificate Berwick:

When it comes to issuing roadworthy certificate in Berwick, we inspect all the safety components in your vehicle. Only if they are up to the expected standards set by VicRoads, we will issue the certificate. If not, we will make necessary upgrades and make it roadworthy.

Logbook Service Berwick:

Getting log book servicing as per manufacturer’s specifications is essential to keep your new car’s warranty valid. We employ factory trained mechanics who use only original parts, fluids and oils to perform log book servicing on your vehicle.

Air Conditioning Berwick:

Is your air conditioning not blowing cold air and making your trip uncomfortable? Bring in your vehicle to Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre for aircon repair. We will check your AC system and perform necessary services such as aircon regas, leak test, etc. to improve its efficiency.

Tyres Berwick:

Looking for a new set of tyres for your vehicle? Not to worry! We carry premium and budget tyres for sales from leading brands. No matter what make or model your vehicle is, we can supply the right set of tyres for your vehicle.

Car Battery Replacement Berwick:

Is your car battery dead? Are you not able to start your vehicle? Bring in your vehicle to Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre for an inspection. We can diagnose the problem and let you know if it is enough to charge or essential to perform car battery replacement.

Wheel Alignment Berwick:

Do you suspect that your car wheels are out of alignment? We have invested in the latest wheel alignment equipment that allows us to bring your wheels back to the position recommended by the manufacturer.

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