Car Service Heatherton

Servicing your car regularly is highly recommended by the experts because it saves a lot of money and stress in the long run. If you don’t like your car to develop serious problems like engine failure or transmission problems, you should consider having it serviced and repaired by an experienced car mechanic. We have been offering car service in Heatherton for a long period of time. Therefore, our mechanics are qualified, trained and experienced to service a wide range of cars. We also offer vast services to satisfy car owners who are looking to service their cars and make their life simpler. Here are some of the services we offer:

Mechanics in Heatherton

Roadworthy certificate Heatherton

Whether you are planning to buy or sell a car, you need a roadworthy certificate from an authorized licensed vehicle tester to ensure that the car is safe for use on the roads. We are authorized and licensed to offer roadworthy certificates to diesel, petrol and even LPG cars.

Car air conditioning services Heatherton

It can be very uncomfortable driving a car with a faulty air conditioner on a sunny day or during summer. We are here to ensure that you don’t go through this at any given time. We will ensure that all the components are working properly by repairing or replacing broken components from your car’s air conditioner. If the air conditioner is not running efficiently, it is because it requires regas and regular maintenance services from an expert.

Car battery replacement and service Heatherton

If your car battery has a problem, we can help you choose the next battery to avoid having future problems. Alternatively, we can fix your battery if the problem isn’t that big. Most car owners neglect servicing/maintain their car batteries until their cars fail to start or they face a bigger problem. Don’t be one of these people because we can offer your professional car servicing at an affordable cost.

Car Tyres Heatherton

You need to check your car tyres regularly to determine whether they need replacement or whether you need to get help/advice or opinion from an expert. We can help you buy tyres of reputable manufacturers & brands because we have been offering car services for years and our mechanics are skilled.