Car Service Noble Park

Mechanics Noble ParkAt Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre, the quality of your car matters. It’s why we’ll dedicate our skills and expertise to diagnosing and solving its everyday obstacles. Whether your car needs a full service, a new set of tyres, a fresh battery or just an annual check-up, our car mechanic offers the affordable & reliable car service in Noble Park to get the job done right.

When your vehicle needs a pick me up, choose the car service at Noble Park. Our mechanics are friendly, highly experienced and committed to quality. They’ll inspect and assess the condition of your vehicle in timely fashion to get you back on the road fast.

During a vehicle service, we can replace oil filters, top up coolant, inspect shock absorbers, asses the quality of brakes, realign wheels, determine rate of tyre wear and much more. Treat your car to a service with a mechanic at Noble Pa and drive with peace of mind.

Aircon Regas Noble Park

It’s important to arrange an aircon regas at least once every two years. Aircon regassing is the process of removing and replacing old refrigerant. It is the best way to ensure air con systems work efficiently, especially during the summer months.

For a small fee, our mechanics can do the job quickly and cleanly. It means you can avoid costly repair fees and continue to drive in comfort.

RWC, Roadworthy Certificate Noble Park

Our mechanics in Noble Park can also issue vehicles with a Roadworthy Certificate. Also known as an ‘RWC,’ this piece of paper is a legal requirement for all motorists. It states that, after inspection, the car has been deemed safe for public use.

If you plan to sell your vehicle, you need an up to date certificate. Why not pay a visit to Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre for a fast, reliable inspection?

Tyres Noble Park

All drivers are legally required to care for their vehicle’s tyres. Over time, the tread on car tyres begins to wear. The speed of this wear depends on a variety of factors, such as climate, road conditions and weekly mileage.

At Singh’s Tyre & Auto Centre, we give tyres a thorough inspection. First, we make sure your existing tread meets minimum requirements. Then, we assess wheel alignment and make a professional judgement as to whether your tyres are safe. If they need work, we promise to offer you a competitive, affordable price on replacements.

Car Battery Replacement Noble Park

There are few things as frustrating as climbing into your car and finding a dead battery. It can really mess up your day, particularly if it’s clear the car won’t move without a full replacement. Thankfully, the mechanics in Noble Park can replace a faulty battery at short notice and save you the stress of cancelled plans.

Don’t forget, regular servicing prevents car batteries from dying unexpectedly! Book a vehicle service at Singh’s Tyre & Auto Centre to keep your battery running smoothly.

Log Book Service Noble Park

Have you recently bought a new car? Do you know it needs a log book service to ensure its warranty remains valid? Every new vehicle within its original warranty period is required to undergo a series of inspections outlined in its manual.

These processes are usually minor. They include basic safety checks and tests specific to your vehicle’s manufacturer. For example, we’ll check the car you bought contains authentic parts that are compatible with its warranty.