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Car Service Springvale SouthCar service & repair experience should not be intimidating for anyone. We want to help car owners understand what we’re doing – and why, so they can make informed decisions – even if it means we don’t do any service work on their car. Contact us today for a qualified mechanic to have your car fixed in Springvale South, Springvale & nearby suburbs.

We Never Put Money Ahead of People

Singh’s Tyre and Service is a full-service car repair shop in Springvale. We strive to provide the best car service and repair experience possible. Our quality certified technicians employ today’s latest automotive technology and are equipped to handle all major and minor repairs on foreign and domestic vehicles.

Most drivers will wait until their vehicle run into trouble and then find a qualified car service shop in Springvale. We want to eliminate your vehicle’s downtime by merging it back into traffic as soon as possible.

We’ll monitor everything that could possibly be wrong with your vehicle, as well as fix anything that could go wrong. Our dedicated team is not here just for today, but we’re here for tomorrow and beyond. We want you to drive your vehicle for as long as you need it. And we want you to retain your vehicle’s resale value.

Our auto repair services include:

Whatever your car service needs in Springvale, visit us for quality workmanship, reliable work, excellent customer service, and a fast turnaround time.

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All we need is for you to reach out to us. Let us know your questions and concerns about your vehicle. Our expert car service, repair and tyre shop in Springvale is sure to have the answers and the solutions you need. Just give us a call to schedule your next service appointment.