Car Service Cranbourne NorthAs a trusted car service facility, Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre offers a full-suite of automotive services from simple oil change and tune-ups to intensive diagnostics and major car repairs to the drivers across Cranbourne North and the surrounding suburbs at attractive prices.

Our Range Of Services Includes:

Roadworthy Certificate Cranbourne North:

Whenever you sell or buy a used vehicle in Victoria, you need a roadworthy certificate to ensure that the specific vehicle is in compliance with VicRoads safety regulations. If you need RWC for your used vehicle, you can approach our licensed vehicle testers who will inspect your vehicle and issue the certificate.

Logbook Service Cranbourne North:

Following manufacturer-recommended service schedule is extremely crucial to uphold the performance and statutory warranty of your vehicle. As an authorised car service centre, we can provide log book service for vehicles of all makes and models to the factory standard.

Air Conditioning Cranbourne North:

If your vehicle’s air conditioning system is not giving the relief you need, then you can have our AC specialists to diagnose the problem and perform aircon repair in your vehicle. From changing cabin air filters and fluids to aircon regas, we are equipped to provide a full range of AC services.

Tyres Cranbourne North:

As your vehicle moves along the road, the tyres are exposed to various kinds of wear and tear. Driving a vehicle with worn-out tyres leads to mishaps. We have tyres for sale from the popular tyre brands and even help you with finding the perfect set of tyres for your vehicle.

Car Battery Replacement Cranbourne North:

If you think that your car battery is wearing out or dead, you can get it inspected by our mechanics. We will perform all necessary tests and recommend car battery replacement if the problem is beyond repairable.

Wheel Alignment Cranbourne North:

Does your vehicle pulling to one side? Is the steering wheel not centered? This could be the sign of an alignment problem. Our car mechanic uses the latest computerised wheel alignment technology to get your car’s alignment back to the manufacturer’s settings.

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