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Car tyres are the fundamental link between the roads and the car. They determine the steering, handling, braking and acceleration of the car. Ironically, we only think of the tyres when they are worn out and demand replacement. They all look the same, fit the car, some are considerably cheaper and some are very expensive. With such a great range of tyres available, choosing the right tyre for the car would always be daunting and a difficult choice. Here, Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre provides a guide to bare essentials of choosing the right tyres for any car. There are few main elements which should be considered when choosing the right set of tyres for a smooth ride.



The quality of the tyre is determined by the reputation of the manufacturer, warranty, date of manufacture and value added technologies.


Choosing the right size is dependent on rim size, tread width for grip and sidewall height to keep the diameter of the tyres as close to the original. Tyre size is represented in the standard format of mm/Percentage Radial Inches. For example, 165/80 R14
165 – Width of the tyre, in millimetres
80 – Height of the sidewall or aspect ratio or profile
R – Radial construction
14 – Rim diameter of the wheel in inches, where the tyre would fit


With less doubt, the tubeless tyres are safer than the ones with tube. Moreover, they are more advanced and have less advantages in comparison. For best results, it is recommended to have rust free steel wheels.


This factor has a major role in testing the tyre performance in wet weather. The tread pattern decides the tyre’s ability to channel water away from the tyre when the car is on the road. It plays an important role in deciding the amount of noise which will be generated by the tyre due to air trapping and friction on the road.


It determines the treadwear and traction of the tyre. The softness of the rubber is directly proportional to the amount of traction, whereas the speed rating of the tyre is inversely proportional to tread life of the tyre. Better the rubber compound, better the grip of the tyre.

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