Engine Management System

Ever wondered why your car has an engine management system? After all, the old model vehicles probably didn’t have one, and it ran just fine! The primary usage of engine management is to increase the fuel efficiency. It ensures the proper mixture of air and fuel is supplied to the engine, reduces harmful vapours and pollutants.

Today’s car models use advanced technology to increase performance while decreasing fuel consumption. However, the ability of your car’s computerised unit (ECU) is limited when the sensors and components that deliver information don’t function properly.

A Vital Part of Any Vehicle: Engine Management System

When your “check engine light” comes on, bring your car to Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre. This alert informs our professional technicians that a sensor is providing false data or not providing data at all; and the related system needs an inspection to determine why the sensor is not functioning correctly.

Our certified technicians inspect the entire diagnostic data-stream to determine the real cause of the warning, rather than just replacing the sensor that alerts you of the problem. This ensures that you don’t waste money by replacing parts that are just the messenger and not the problem.

Singhs Tyre & Auto Centre can diagnose and perform repairs on your car’s engine management system. No matter whether your vehicle is not starting, a warning engine light has come on, or you require a reliable car service in Pakenham, we can help. Our technicians can check your engine using an advanced tool loaded with data on the latest models vehicle to read fault codes.

Engine Diagnostics and Performance Tuning Services

At singh’s tyre and auto Centre, we offer complete services for engine diagnostics and performance tuning, including advanced computerised data analysis, testing of components to ensure the accuracy of diagnoses, and total repair/replacement of control sensors and solenoids, and re-flash data files (as applicable).

In addition to seeing your “Check Engine Light” come on, you may have an engine performance issue. Bring your vehicle to us right away.

Furthermore, with our cooling system service, we will take a look at your car’s air temperature. As we all know, ambient air temperature also plays an important role. An air temperature sensor sends a signal to the ECU. This will help determine the need for richer or leaner fuel mixtures.

We use only quality components from recognised leaders in the industry. Schedule your appointment for complete Engine management systems.