It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that the vehicle is maintained and repaired occasionally with the specification given from Hyundai Motors.

At Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre, we’re always thinking of new and innovative ways to provide a Hyundai service in Melbourne. Our service offering includes general servicing, MOT testing, engine upgrades, brakes-clothes and competitive Hyundai service costs. We take pride in making sure you receive a quality, professional service and timely repair service.

Our trained Hyundai technicians will expertly repair and service your Hyundai, replacing and repairing any issues with any Hyundai parts. So you know your car is in the very safest hands.

Our expert’s technicians can also give you advice on how to look after your Hyundai after you get your car maintained and repaired. We are also equipped with the specialised electronic equipment that is used in inspection and testing of engines and automatic transmission control systems.

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