How Often Should My Car Be Serviced?

Air filters, transmission fluid changes, fuel system cleaning, engine flushes and coolant services – all come with a big price tag. With stern warnings to take immediate action, all the important components of the vehicle always turn expensive when it comes to repairs and replacements. Amidst all the thoughts, what happens if the vehicle is not serviced on time? What are the benefits of getting your vehicle serviced on time and regularly?

It is no secret that regular maintenance of the vehicle can extend the longevity of your car engine and can save you from costly repairs in long run. Having basic mechanical skills is not everybody’s cup of tea. The easiest way to know about service requirements of your vehicle is by inspecting the owner’s manual or the vehicle’s’ logbook.

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What happens if the vehicle isn’t serviced on time? Avoiding the service can lead to unwanted stress on the engine and components, even leading to inconvenient breakdowns on the road. If nothing major, it can also lead to increased fuel consumption and elevated carbon emissions.

Regular servicing can identify the potential danger involved due to the condition of steering or the braking components.

Delaying services can increase chances of oil sludge in the engine. This can obstruct the smooth flow of oil through the engine, compromising the lubrication.


Fluids in all the vehicles are susceptible to moisture and require inspection/replacement at specified intervals.

  • Engine Oil: It is the lifeblood of the engine and needs replacement at regular intervals. This oil provides proper lubrication to the internal components of the engine, disperses heat and thus, prolongs the life of the engine.
  • Transmission Fluid: Working on the same principle as engine oil, it can withstand enormous pressure and heat. In vehicles with automatic transmission, the fluid needs to be changed every 60,000km. Failing to do so can lead to expensive transmission damage.
  • Brake Fluid: Usually silicone based, this fluid gives a solid pedal feel and absorbs the massive heat generated by the braking components. It requires regular checking as it has the tendency to absorb moisture from the air.
  • Engine Coolant: Under adverse conditions, the cooling system and coolant require frequent servicing and replacement.
  • Clutch Fluid: Manufacturer recommends replacing the clutch fluid at 2 years, regardless of the kilometers travelled by the vehicle.



These situations call for mileage-based service requirements. Driving in adverse operating conditions leads to one in ten accidents, majorly involving commercial vehicles. The primary adverse operating conditions include,

  • Constant and continuous driving, eg, excessive stop-start driving
  • Continuous driving at a high speed
  • Lack of periodic maintenance
  • Towing a heavy load, 4wding, racing for a longer time
  • Adverse weather and climatic variations

The basic rule to get your car services is every 10,000km or 6 months, whichever happens first. If you have an in-vehicle maintenance reminder system, that is never to be ignored. For other expert advice and car service in melbourne needs, please call on (03) 9544 8854 or 0433196076 or visit our garage in Clayton.

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