These Quick Check-ups & Fixes Can Keep Your Car Summer- Ready – Here’s How?

No matter what, a car service is an investment to ensure that your car runs at optimal performance. When you begin the summer with road trips, be sure to inspect your car tyres. Not only tyres, head to car service Pakenham to check & ensure all the components of your car are functional and healthy. In today’s blog, we have compiled some important quick fixes & checkups to ensure your vehicle is summer-ready.

Check Tyres

When it comes to tyres, you must always look for excessive tread wear, uneven wear and bulges on the sidewalls. Also, before hitting the highway, make sure to look for all these tyre signs. If you check and replace your tyres right on time, you will not experience poor performance or brake issues & can prevent blowouts.  Also, ensure to check the tyre pressure to see whether they’re not under or overinflated. It will help maximise gas mileage on those long trips. Also, examine your spare tyres to make sure it is inflated properly.

Inspect The brakes

Brakes are one of the crucial parts of the vehicle & you rely on them. So, you’ll have to keep a close eye on the performance of your brakes. Also, when your brake pads work under extreme conditions, there will be issues. So you must address any sort of brake issues immediately.

Car Fluid Check

From brake fluids to transmission fluids, check all the levels of your fluids to avoid a costly breakdown. To bear the summer’s hot temperatures & to travel safely, you must check the level of the coolant and the mix of water and coolant. If you hire a reliable car mechanic, they can check and replace the fluids for a smooth travel.

Maximize visibility

The first key to staying safe on the road is to keep the glass clean. So, check your windshield wipers and lights to maximize the visibility. If any of the vehicle lights are blinking or continuously turned on, you must get them checked by a mechanic to ensure they are in perfect working order. Whether it’s headlights, taillights or brake lights, inspect everything to ensure your long trip is safe and happy.

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