Engine Repairs

Just because the engine in your car is old doesn’t mean it needs a rebuild. It may only need minor repair. Schedule your car engine repair service at Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre.

Car engine replacement cost is way more significant than repairing it. Most engine malfunctions can be avoided with regular maintenance. We take care of your engine seriously and offers several services to prevent the need for future engine replacement.

A clean engine is a happy engine.

An engine is a real marvel given to the automobile industry. It consisting of thousands of small and larger moving parts and electrical systems operating at high temperatures. It’s essential to provide the required maintenance and repair to get the efficient car driving experience.

We use only the highest-quality oils in our oil change process. By utilising the highest grade oils within the engine of your car, we know that all of the moving components will be lubricated correctly. A well-oiled vehicle will continue to run for a very long time and is less susceptible to problems caused by insufficient lubrication.

With the assistance of our car service and oil change experts, you can ensure that your car engine runs continuously at peak performance long into the future.

A Professional Car Engine Repair and Diagnosis

Each vehicle model has a different engine problem. In fact, many people have a difficult time diagnosing engine problems on their own. There is no reason to stress yourself out when you can rely on our experienced car repair professionals at Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre to handle your engine problem diagnosis. Our professionals can handle many kinds of car servicing helping you minimising the car engine repair cost.

Our services range from simple tune-ups to issuing roadworthy certificates. We also offer brake service, engine repair, air conditioning repair, timing belts, and much more.

Book an Appointment for your car engine repair today.