Tyres and Wheel Alignment

Have you observed any difficulties when steering, vibrations or pulling to one side? If so, you need to visit a specialist. Your car’s wheel alignment is in need of attention. At Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre, we use expert equipment to make quick and precise wheel alignment to the wheels of your car.

Every vehicle with a steering has a particular steering track set for its front wheels. If the set is out of alignment, tyre wear is rapid. It can be damaged even by, kerbs or potholes or simply by everyday wear or tear.

Improper wheel alignment becomes obvious when either the inside or outside edge of the tyres become irregularly damaged or a ‘feathering’ effect becomes prevalent. If you are suspicious that your car’s wheel alignment is out of shape, have it checked at Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre immediately.

We recommend getting your car’s wheel alignment checked every 6 months or whenever you feel your car’s wheel in distress. Also, make sure to get car service on regular basis.