Oil and Filter

If you can’t remember when your last oil change was, it’s probably time to stop by at Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre.

Having your vehicle’s oil changed regularly is an essential part of regular car service and maintenance. Your car service and the oil change at Singh’s Tyre & Auto Center means a lot more than just changing your vehicle’s oil filter. We provide a complete car repair service including:

  • Oil filter and air filter inspection
  • Inspecting and topping off all fluids under the hood
  • Provide oiling to all the fittings and parts
  • Investigating tyre pressure levels

In addition to our standard oil change service, we also offer professional service for car brakes repair.

Why Is Oil change necessary?

Our vehicle depends on new oil as our human body depends on water. The oil and oil filters help to keep any car and its internal engine parts running efficiently. Oil needs to be kept full, clean from fragments, and not burnt. Oil lubes essential engine components.

Inside any engine, while a car is running moving parts create rubbing, and over time that rubbing wears the pieces down. Oil, or a synthetic lube, could lessen the damage from the heat by those moving components. By having a regular oil change service schedule, you will positively increase your engine’s efficiency as well as expand the life of your vehicle’s engine.

When Should You Know that Oil Change is needed?
  • Check if your oil light is illuminated
  • Check Engine Light is on
  • Oil is dirty
  • You experience pinging, knocking, or various other sounds coming from the engine

It is recommended you have an oil change every 10000 KMS to stop engine wear and keep oil free from particles. For your car’s particular service intervals, always ask one of our professionals.

Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre provide top quality oil change and oil filter replacements in Melbourne and surrounding areas at unbeatable prices. Schedule an appointment for your next oil change today! If you have a battery problem, we’ll get you on your way in no time with our high-quality service for car battery replacement. Ask for your free battery check at our car service centre.