Minor and Major Service

The difference between a major and minor service is big. To assure, you should check your car handbook, which one is required at what point of time.

For example, minor service is required every 10000kms and major service every 30000-40000kms interval. There are a few things that are carried out both on major and minor service intervals like oil change and oil filter replacement, checking lubrication, fluid inspection, emissions, and wheel alignment service and many other service requirements varies greatly as per your vehicle’s handbook.

Generally, for a major service routine, Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre checks engine management, wheel alignment, brake fluid, state of brakes, engine bolt tightness. Major services are carried less often than minor services. A major service routine is important for your vehicle’s safety, performance and the re-sale value of your car.

A minor service routine at the Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre generally involves the replacement of engine oil and filter check all fluids, spark plug,fuel system, emissions, and ignition. Irrespective of if it is minor or major service at Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre we carry out every sort of car service in Pakenham with utmost care.