5 Signs And Symptoms Of Engine Failure That You Should Not Ignore

The engine is your vehicle’s heart as it gives your car the necessary power to operate right. If your vehicle’s engine is damaged, it can affect your car’s performance significantly. Luckily, you can save your time and money by quickly diagnosing and fixing the engine problems. If you encounter any of the following signs, don’t wait to get to an auto shop for expert repair.

Check Engine Light:

Most people ignore the important check engine light that alerts you about problems. If your dashboard warning light turns on, you must not dismiss it. Ignoring the sign will result in damaging your engine.

Knocking Noise:

A knocking noise coming from under the hood is a sign of a dying engine. The noise can be caused by worn mechanical parts such as bearings, pistons or other moving parts. If you ignore this problem, it could result in an unexpected break down.

Increased Smoke Coming Out Of Exhaust:

If your vehicle’s exhaust system releases more smoke, then a trip to an automotive shop should be scheduled. While you can judge what sort of problem occurred with your vehicle by looking at the colour of the smoke, taking your vehicle to a car mechanic is highly recommended.

Decreased Performance:

Is your vehicle consuming more fuel than ever? Is it difficult for you to get your vehicle up to speed? Is your vehicle struggling to run at their usual speed? These problems could be related to the faults in your engine and should be addressed as quickly as possible.

Strange Odour:

If you have a strong, strange odour of engine fumes, this could be a sign of engine failure. This could be due to leaking of oil directly on to the engine block. When not resolved swiftly, this can cause damage to other components of the engine.

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