Brakes – Most Important Safety System of Your Car

The most important thing you can do to protect your life while driving is to buckle your seatbelt and keep your brakes in great condition. Brakes are the most important element in the safety protocol of any car. Being an absolutely essential part of your vehicle, the brakes must be maintained at all times. This not only ensures the safety of the people in your vehicle but the safety of everyone on the road.


Bad breaks on the road are more than an inconvenience. Singh’s Tyre & Auto Centre is the specialist in car brakes repair Melbourne. With our highly experienced mechanics and certified technicians, we ensure that the braking system of your car is always smooth for maximum safety on the road.


  • Grinding noise while stopping or when brakes are applied
  • Brake light ON
  • Metallic squeal when the car is in motion
  • Shaking/vibration in the steering wheel when applying brakes
  • Soft brake pedal and leaking fluid
  • Car pulling to one side upon applying brakes
  • Strong burning smell while driving
  • A lot of foot pressure needed before coming to a complete stop
  • Car rocking or bouncing with sharp braking

It is important to understand that the brake parts wear out with time. Delaying maintenance services or self-diagnosing problems can put you at an unnecessary risk. Moreover, ignored problems with the brakes can lead to expensive repairs and replacements.

If you are suspecting any issues with the brakes of your car, it is imperative that you get the car inspected by professionals. There is nothing more important than your vehicle being able to stop – by an efficiently functioning brake.

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