Brakes – Most Important Safety System of Your Car

The most important thing you can do to protect your life while driving is to buckle your seatbelt and keep your brakes in great condition. Brakes are the most important element in the safety protocol of any car. Being an absolutely essential part of your vehicle, the brakes must be maintained at all times. This not only ensures the safety of the people in your vehicle but the safety of everyone on the road.


Bad breaks on the road are more than an inconvenience. Singh’s Tyre & Auto Centre is the specialist in car brakes repair Melbourne. With our highly experienced mechanics and certified technicians, we ensure that the braking system of your car is always smooth for maximum safety on the road.


  • Grinding noise while stopping or when brakes are applied
  • Brake light ON
  • Metallic squeal when the car is in motion
  • Shaking/vibration in the steering wheel when applying brakes
  • Soft brake pedal and leaking fluid
  • Car pulling to one side upon applying brakes
  • Strong burning smell while driving
  • A lot of foot pressure needed before coming to a complete stop
  • Car rocking or bouncing with sharp braking

It is important to understand that the brake parts wear out with time. Delaying maintenance services or self-diagnosing problems can put you at an unnecessary risk. Moreover, ignored problems with the brakes can lead to expensive repairs and replacements.

If you are suspecting any issues with the brakes of your car, it is imperative that you get the car inspected by professionals. There is nothing more important than your vehicle being able to stop – by an efficiently functioning brake.

How Often Should My Car Be Serviced?

Air filters, transmission fluid changes, fuel system cleaning, engine flushes and coolant services – all come with a big price tag. With stern warnings to take immediate action, all the important components of the vehicle always turn expensive when it comes to repairs and replacements. Amidst all the thoughts, what happens if the vehicle is not serviced on time? What are the benefits of getting your vehicle serviced on time and regularly?

It is no secret that regular maintenance of the vehicle can extend the longevity of your car engine and can save you from costly repairs in long run. Having basic mechanical skills is not everybody’s cup of tea. The easiest way to know about service requirements of your vehicle is by inspecting the owner’s manual or the vehicle’s’ logbook.

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HIDDEN RISKS OF DELAYING SERVICES: What happens if the vehicle isn’t serviced on time? Avoiding the service can lead to unwanted stress on the engine and components, even leading to inconvenient breakdowns on the road. If nothing major, it can also lead to increased fuel consumption and elevated carbon emissions.

Regular servicing can identify the potential danger involved due to the condition of steering or the braking components.

Delaying services can increase chances of oil sludge in the engine. This can obstruct the smooth flow of oil through the engine, compromising the lubrication.

FLUIDS TO BE CHECKED: Fluids in all the vehicles are susceptible to moisture and require inspection/replacement at specified intervals.

  • Engine Oil: It is the lifeblood of the engine and needs replacement at regular intervals. This oil provides proper lubrication to the internal components of the engine, disperses heat and thus, prolongs the life of the engine.
  • Transmission Fluid: Working on the same principle as engine oil, it can withstand enormous pressure and heat. In vehicles with automatic transmission, the fluid needs to be changed every 60,000km. Failing to do so can lead to expensive transmission damage.
  • Brake Fluid: Usually silicone based, this fluid gives a solid pedal feel and absorbs the massive heat generated by the braking components. It requires regular checking as it has the tendency to absorb moisture from the air.
  • Engine Coolant: Under adverse conditions, the cooling system and coolant require frequent servicing and replacement.
  • Clutch Fluid: Manufacturer recommends replacing the clutch fluid at 2 years, regardless of the kilometers travelled by the vehicle.

ADVERSE OPERATING CONDITIONS: These situations call for mileage-based service requirements. Driving in adverse operating conditions leads to one in ten accidents, majorly involving commercial vehicles. The primary adverse operating conditions include,

  • Constant and continuous driving, eg, excessive stop-start driving
  • Continuous driving at a high speed
  • Lack of periodic maintenance
  • Towing a heavy load, 4wding, racing for a longer time
  • Adverse weather and climatic variations

The basic rule to get your car services is every 10,000km or 6 months, whichever happens first. If you have an in-vehicle maintenance reminder system, that is never to be ignored. For other expert advice and car service in melbourne needs, please call on (03) 9544 8854 or 0433196076 or visit our garage in Clayton.

How to Choose the Right Tyres for Your Car – Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre

Car tyres are the fundamental link between the roads and the car. They determine the steering, handling, braking and acceleration of the car. Ironically, we only think of the tyres when they are worn out and demand replacement. They all look the same, fit the car, some are considerably cheaper and some are very expensive. With such a great range of tyres available, choosing the right tyre for the car would always be daunting and a difficult choice. Here, Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre provides a guide to bare essentials of choosing the right tyres for any car. There are few main elements which should be considered when choosing the right set of tyres for a smooth ride.


OVERALL QUALITY OF THE TYRE : The quality of the tyre is determined by the reputation of the manufacturer, warranty, date of manufacture and value added technologies.

SIZE OF THE TYRE : Choosing the right size is dependent on rim size, tread width for grip and sidewall height to keep the diameter of the tyres as close to the original. Tyre size is represented in the standard format of mm/Percentage Radial Inches. For example, 165/80 R14
165 – Width of the tyre, in millimetres
80 – Height of the sidewall or aspect ratio or profile
R – Radial construction
14 – Rim diameter of the wheel in inches, where the tyre would fit

TUBELESS OR TUBE TYPE : With less doubt, the tubeless tyres are safer than the ones with tube. Moreover, they are more advanced and have less advantages in comparison. For best results, it is recommended to have rust free steel wheels.

TREAD PATTERN : This factor has a major role in testing the tyre performance in wet weather. The tread pattern decides the tyre’s ability to channel water away from the tyre when the car is on the road. It plays an important role in deciding the amount of noise which will be generated by the tyre due to air trapping and friction on the road.

RUBBER COMPOUND : It determines the treadwear and traction of the tyre. The softness of the rubber is directly proportional to the amount of traction, whereas the speed rating of the tyre is inversely proportional to tread life of the tyre. Better the rubber compound, better the grip of the tyre.

Are you looking for cheap car tyres in Melbourne? Singh’s Tyre and Auto Centre is the perfect choice with PIRRELL, BRIDGE STONE, KUMHO, YOKOHAMA, TOYO, CONTINENTAL, KENDA, HIFLY, DUNLOP and all other major brands in stock. For more details, call us on (03) 9544 8854.

Car Braking Systems – Warning Signs and Maintenance

If you want to drive on the highways and roads, brakes make the ride safe. They are the most important features in all the cars, makes and models. How many of us pay attention to the brakes and take the maintenance seriously? How many of us know how to detect problems with the brakes? With Singh’s Auto Centre, know about the standard warning signs and brake system maintenance routine. Singh’s Auto Centre is renowned for highly experienced mechanics and car brakes repair Melbourne.

Car Braking Systems

Most of us aren’t aware that the brakes actually stop the wheels from turning. Many of the latest cars use disc brakes and consist of brake discs, calipers, brake pads, brake lines and brake master cylinder. All the parts function together to make a perfect braking system for any vehicle. The warning signs from the car braking systems is resultant of any of these parts working inefficiently. Now, let’s look at the warning signs for your car’s braking system.

  1. Unusual and abnormal sounds: Screeching, squealing, grinding, rubbing and other sounds are common indicators that the brake pads and shoes require inspection. These noises are serious and are caused by worn out brake pads.
  1. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) warning light: If this lights up in your car, it indicates that the ABS is not working properly. Your brakes will still work, but the ABS might not engage if you need to make an emergency stop. In this situation, you need to have a professorial mechanic to diagnose the ABS light issue as soon as possible.Singh’s Auto Centre specialises in brake line inspection Melbourne.
  1. Spongy brake pedal: Under this circumstance, be sure to check the master cylinder and the brake lines. If ignored, this can cause a lot more damage to the pedal and the braking system.
  1. Car Pulling to One Side: This is an indication of maladjusted brakes, brake fluid leakage or worn out braking system.
  1. Vibrations and Pulsations in the Car: If vibrations are felt in the steering wheel, brake pedal or entire car while applying the brakes, it is an indication of metal on metal rubbing in the brake rotors. This may lead to further damage or dangerous situations, if the brake rotor isn’t replaced.

To avoid experiencing any of these issues, be sure to have your brakes checked periodically – once or twice a year. Singh’s Auto Centre, with its services in car brakes repair Clayton, provides complete inspection and replacement of brake system, including the master cylinder, disc brakes and brake lines. Book your car brakes repair Melbourne services now and get 40 points FREE car safety check report. For appointments, Call Us on (03) 9544 8854.


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Ultimately, buying or selling new or used cars is all about streamlining the process and scoring the best deal. Pay attention to everything we have to say:

1.Most dealer sales executives aren’t enthusiasts or experts
2.Being friendly is a sales technique and decrease your profit
3.Always double check the history reports
4.Leasing keeps your payments manageable and let you get in a new car every time you wish or can afford.
5.Find your own loan before you arrive because dealers aren’t charities
6.Don’t believe in extended service contracts
7.Stay away from no-haggle pricing
8.Trust the dealer who can show you everything about the car, without excuses
9.Spot the difference between an inexpensive car and a cheap car

Are you looking for a reliable assistance before buying or selling new or used cars? Singh’s Auto Centre offers a range of services including car history checks, vehicle inspections and vehicle valuation. With our expertise in car service and repair Melbourne, we help our clients to know if they need a new car or a used car.